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Primavera P6 Download Instructions

Thank you for your recent purchase. You will be receiving shortly a Transactional Oracle Master Agreement (TOMA) that authorizes you to use the software. This agreement must be executed in order to legally own the software and obtain support. In the meantime, you can still download and install the software by following these steps:

Step 1: Download Primavera P6

Primavera P6 is downloaded from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud. Please go to:

Note: all electronic downloads of Primavera P6 are denoted as 30-day “trial” versions but they are the complete program files with no restrictions on performance or functionality.

If you haven’t done so previously, you’ll need to register with Oracle as a new user (only takes a minute or two). After accepting the export restrictions the next window will ask you to select a Product. Type “Primavera P6” into the filter box and then scroll down to:

Primavera P6 Professional Project Management

This program will then be added to your “cart” on the right side of the page. Click on “Selected Software”.

Next, select a Platform: Microsoft Windows (32-bit) or Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit). You should see both your Product and Platform listed below. Click on Continue in the lower right-hand corner.

In the next screen the available Primavera P6 downloads will be displayed. The latest version of Primavera P6 is Version 17.7 but it is still possible to download a few of the older versions as well. Primavera P6 is backwards compatible with all older versions.

There are 4 compressed files totaling approximately 655 MB (depending on which version is downloaded the size could vary). Download all the files to your hard drive. Due to the size of the files it might take an hour or so. You will also need to install a database (included with P6 in the database folder). P6 will not function without a database program.

The P6 files need to be uncompressed before starting installation. Simply right click on each file and choose “Extract All”.

Step 2: Install Primavera P6

We strongly recommend that you review the documentation included with the software. There are several database options to consider: SQLite is the easiest to install and is included with the download. The following instructions pertain to a standalone (meaning only one user can access the database) P6 installation with a SQLite database:

To install P6 Professional Standalone:

  1. Double-click setup.exe in the Client_Applications folder of the P6 physical media or download to launch the installation wizard.
  2. On the Welcome screen, click Next.
  3. On the Choose Setup Type dialog box, choose Typical.
  4. Microsoft .NET Framework, Windows Installer, and the Java Runtime Environment are required to run P6 Professional. If they are not installed, follow the prompts to install them and then restart your computer when prompted. Allow setup.exe to run when your computer restarts and follow the prompts to complete installation of the required components.
  5. In Database Configuration, under P6 Professional driver type, select P6 Pro Standalone (SQLite), then click Next.
  6. Select Add a new standalone database and connection then click Next.
  7. In the Enter new password field enter a password for the admin user. Enter the same password in the Confirm new password field, then click Next.
  8. Select Load sample data, then click Next.
  9. When you see Connection Successful, click Finish to exit Database Configuration.
  10. Click Finish to exit the Setup Wizard.
  11. After the installation is complete, you must restart your computer before you can use the software.
  12. Launch P6 Professional by clicking the version-specific menu option, Start, All Programs, Oracle Primavera P6, P6 Professional <release level>, then select P6 Professional <release level>.

Note: Login using the Login Name admin and the password you created using Database Configuration.

Very Important: the first time you log in, you will see a popup message regarding the “appropriate industry” needing to be selected. You can select an industry by going to Admin > Admin Preferences > Industry. Until you select an appropriate industry this message will appear each time you log in.

Technical questions should be directed to Oracle Support. The phone number for Oracle Support is (800) 223-1711. They are available 24/7. You must have a valid Customer Support Identifier (CSI) in order to obtain Oracle Support.

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