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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to purchase Primavera P6 software in order to take your training?

A: No. For in-person classes, we provide laptops with Primavera P6 already installed. For online classes, you will be sharing a screen with the instructor and using their version of the program while in the training environment.

Q: Is there a “student” version of P6 that I can buy?

A: While Oracle does not sell a special version of P6 for use by students or universities it is possible to buy a term license that is good for one (1) year. This is a good option for users who need the software for more than 30 days without committing to the full purchase price. This is a great idea for universities because it reduces upfront costs and eliminates the uncertainty of how many perpetual licenses to purchase; educators can choose the number of term licenses to buy each year based on enrollment. Please contact us for pricing.

Q: How big are your classes?

A: Our online classes are intentionally kept small in order to foster more interaction between the instructor and students. We limit classes to six (6) students unless we are teaching a private group or organization. Small classes give everyone a chance to ask questions and perform exercises. We are the only training firm that limits class sizes.

Q: What’s the difference between P6 Professional and P6 Web and which one should I learn?

A: P6 Professional Project Management (P6 PPM) is installed on individual computers, like most software. P6 Web is a component of P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM) that uses a browser interface. P6 EPPM also includes a “P6 Professional for EPPM” component that is essentially identical to P6 Professional. If you are planning to use the desktop component of EPPM you should register for our P6 Professional class.

Both versions of P6 are worth learning but unless your employer is using P6 EPPM we highly recommend P6 Professional. The professional version is intended for people who build and update schedules whereas P6 Web is better suited for monitoring project data. P6 Web has more graphical tools that are quite useful but due to the software being web-based it operates much slower. There are many other important differences, but in most cases the correct answer is to learn P6 Professional first.

Q: What hardware requirements are there to run Primavera P6?

A: You must have a Windows computer with at least 4G of memory to run Primavera P6. There is no Apple version of Primavera software.

 Q: Do you offer certification?

 A: Yes, as an Oracle Gold Partner we offer training and certification for all versions of P6 Professional, P6 EPPM, and Primavera Contractor.

Q: Are you certified by Oracle?

A: Yes, we are certified by Oracle University, in addition to being an Oracle Gold Partner.

Q: Are you an authorized Oracle Reseller?

A: Yes, Besides being an Oracle Gold Partner we are also an authorized Oracle Reseller. We are authorized to sell all Primavera products. If you are interested in a Primavera product not listed on our website please call us for a quote.

  Q: Can I still get certified if I take the online training?

 A: Yes, our online course materials are exactly the same as what we use for our in-person classes. Your certificate will not mention whether the class was online or in-person.

 Q: How do I know which version of P6 is being taught on your course calendars?

 A: Our course calendars indicate whether the class is for P6 Professional or P6 Web. The course number is also indicative of which program is being taught. Classes for P6 Web start with a “2” (P6 201 and P6 202). P6 Professional is appropriate for “P6 Professional for EPPM” users.

Q: Do you offer one-on-one training? What does it cost?

A: We offer private training sessions online or at our home office in Rocklin, CA. We can also deliver this training at your offices. These classes are customized to suit your training needs. Please refer to our P6 301 page for pricing.

Q: Most of your online classes start at 8:00 am Pacific time. Are other start times available?

A: Yes. We can adjust start times for classes if everyone registered in the class agrees. We also offer evening and weekend classes for 20% premium over normal course prices. “Evening” is defined by Pacific time. If the class starts and finishes during normal working hours in California (8:00 am – 5:00 pm) there are no additional charges.

 Q: Do I need anything else for online training?

 A: We strongly recommend a headset if you are planning to use VOIP rather than a telephone during the live web conferences. Computer speakers create an echo that is distracting to the instructor and other students. An external monitor is also recommended, but not required, so that you can watch the instructor and practice each exercise at the same time.

 Q: What if I need more help after the training?

 A: We provide thirty (30) days of support after your training session, included in the cost of your training. If you continue to need support or would like additional training we also offer custom training sessions (minimum of two hours). These are private sessions that allow more targeted training. We can address any issue or subject matter. Keep in mind, we are also master schedulers and can mentor you on the fine points of scheduling. We are not just software experts!

 Q: We plan to host our project data on a remote server. Do we need the web-enabled software?

 A: Not necessarily. All versions of P6 can be used remotely. The web-enabled version of P6 (EPPM) is a user interface for people who mostly report progress rather than build schedules. Setting up remote users with P6 Professional is actually easier for most companies and organizations. As professional schedulers, we prefer P6 Professional and P6 Professional for EPPM.

Q: We want to buy Primavera software. What do you mean by a “perpetual” license?

 A: Oracle’s Primavera software licenses expire after one or more years unless you purchase a perpetual license. As you can imagine, an expiring “term” license is cheaper than a perpetual license. The latter is good for as long as you want to use the software. If you are seeing much cheaper prices for Primavera software on the Internet it is possible that the licenses are term licenses and not perpetual.

Q: What does the software license upgrade and support agreement cover?

 A: While a perpetual license never expires, the upgrade and support agreement does expire after a certain period of time. Typically, a buyer chooses a one-year software upgrade and support agreement (although longer agreements can be purchased upfront) which gives the buyer access to any software upgrades and technical support during that period. Technical support is provided directly by Oracle and not by an Oracle partner. This support covers both installation and application issues.

Q: I’m having trouble with PayPal processing my payment.

A: If you are using Internet Explorer, we recommend you try Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. This often resolves the problem. If you still get an error message from PayPal, your credit card may not process third-party transactions; please contact your credit card company to resolve this issue. If you continue to have problems, please send us an e-mail at or call us at 916-779-4145, as we can generate a PayPal invoice for you.