Expert, flexible training in the use of the most powerful scheduling software program in the world: Primavera P6 by Oracle.
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Primavera  Contractor, P6 Professional and P6 EPPM

Primavera Scheduling offers a wide range of live online and in-person training programs for Primavera P6 Professional (releases 8.0 and higher) and the P6 Web component of P6 EPPM. These training programs range from 8 to 24 hours. While some trainers offer longer training programs, we do not believe that the “kitchen sink” approach is very effective. The reality is that no one is going to learn every feature of Primavera P6 in a week, much less retain all of that knowledge. Primavera Scheduling instead focuses on the skills that professional schedulers need in order to perform their expected duties. Our training is applicable to a wide variety of industries, as demonstrated by our extensive client list. Primavera Scheduling has taught more than 140 firms the best practices for using Primavera P6. Our clients include the following industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Construction
  • Defense
  • Engineering
  • Governmental
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil and Gas
  • Transportation
  • Utilities

All of our P6 training programs include a training manual. We developed every manual in-house based on a sensible approach to learning Primavera P6. Also included are a certificate of completion and free follow-up support for 30 days. Laptops with Primavera P6 are provided free of charge for our in-person classes in Rocklin, CA. There is an additional fee of $50 per laptop per day at all other training locations.

Online Primavera P6 training by a live instructor is offered every week. In-person classes are scheduled several times a month in our Rocklin, CA home office. Rocklin is about 15 miles from Sacramento International Airport. No other firm offers as many Primavera P6 training programs! There are multiple options every month for both live online and in-person training.

We are certified by Oracle University to teach Primavera P6 Professional and P6 Web. More importantly, we are master schedulers who have been scheduling projects for 31 years. Understanding how to use software is good, but knowing how to schedule properly makes all the difference in the world. If there is one question we get asked more than any other during class it would be “why?” Primavera Scheduling knows which features in Primavera P6 are most important and why we use them!

For more information regarding our live online and in-person Primavera P6 training programs and fees, please select from the table below:


Course Overviews

P6 Professional (PPM)P6 Web (EPPM)Primavera Contractor
P6 Quick StartN/AN/A
P6 101P6 201Contractor 101
P6 102P6 202N/A
P6 103N/AN/A
P6 301P6 301P6 301


Questions? Feel free to contact lead instructor Bill Pepoon anytime! He can be reached via email or phone at (916) 779-4145.




*Group evening and weekend programs are available for a 20% premium; individual program pricing available upon request.

Primavera Scheduling’s parent company (Construction Science, LLC) is an Oracle Gold Partner.

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