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Construction_01In construction, “time is of the essence.” Owners expect projects to be completed on time in order to plan for their use and often their revenue. Contractors need to control overhead costs by completing projects as quickly as possible. Change orders often introduce additional work that must be incorporated into planning and execution. Inclement weather, limited resources and other factors must also be considered, without expending unnecessary funds. Primavera P6 is a valuable tool for managing projects and ensuring they are completed timely and within budget. Primavera P6 will help you from project start to completion, identifying  critical tasks, allocating resources, and reducing the risk of cost overruns. But your staff need to know how to use this powerful tool in order to get the best results. Train with our professionals, learn from expert users, and get the best results from P6.

Oil & Gas

iStock_000024033958_MediumAs the Oil & Gas industry grows and new opportunities develop, project management becomes a growing concern. Billions of dollars are potentially at risk. Oil and gas companies need to balance capital project investment for long-term growth. Successful companies can quickly adapt to change, provide expert project management, optimize resources, and control project costs and risks. Primavera P6 helps oil and gas companies successfully plan and execute projects, ensure resources are optimized, and develop operational metrics to analyze performance and improve future projects. Whether these projects are construction, process improvement, or manufacturing-oriented, Primavera P6 will help you get the best results.



GM Arlington Assembly PlantOften in Manufacturing, projects are managed with whatever tools are available: Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Project, and other basic project management tools may be employed to schedule and track projects. But often these tools do not have the full functionality and capabilities needed by the project management office to obtain the best results. Meeting customer demands for on-time delivery of products within specifications also creates pressure on costs and productivity. Primavera P6 can help you manage and control projects, better understand where your resources are best spent, and how your project performance affects your ability to meet your company goals. By better managing your projects, you will be able to meet your customers’ delivery goals, as well as more quickly adapt your manufacturing processes to your customers’ needs, on time and within budget.


Power Plant_01

The utilities sector today presents new challenges, with changing business models, increasing competition, and expansion into new markets. The ability of companies to produce and deliver cost-effectively is still a key measure of success. And yet, as industry complexity increases, there’s greater regulatory pressure, customers are demanding lower energy bills, and there’s a shortage of skilled workers. To maintain customers and increase stakeholder value, utilities must avert costly downtime, prevent outages, and ensure continuity of service. They also need to address long-term energy demands by expanding operations or enhancing existing ones to drive future growth. How can a utility succeed in a marketplace this challenging? By using Primavera solutions from Oracle.



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