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toolsNot all scheduling experts are scheduling practitioners. Many experts have derived their knowledge of scheduling through course work and by reviewing schedules produced by others. This is not the same as being a practitioner. A scheduling practitioner is someone who is actively engaged in scheduling construction projects. Only a practitioner has the experience of dealing with problems in real time and with less than perfect information. While construction claims are often put together after the project is completed, scheduling “on the fly” requires extensive knowledge of construction practices and techniques.

Construction Science, the parent company of Primavera Scheduling, consists of scheduling experts and practitioners. We have walked the jobsites and met with project teams to update schedules and address problems as they occur. We also take pride in the fact that projects that we have scheduled have very rarely ended up with claims being filed. Proper scheduling does not have to be fancy or expensive, but it must be comprehensive and timely. The baseline construction schedule must accurately describe all of the work to be performed and updates need to take place on a regular basis. For more information regarding our typical Primavera scheduling services please visit our parent website:

Bill Pepoon, Managing Partner and lead Primavera instructor, prepared his first Critical Path Method (CPM) construction schedule in 1983, the same year that Primavera Systems – the industry leader in project management software – opened its doors for business. He has experienced the growth in project management software from its inception, establishing him as one of the foremost authorities on construction scheduling and Primavera software. Since 1983 Mr. Pepoon has provided scheduling services on hundreds of construction projects. These services include analysis of potential construction delays using a wide variety of scheduling techniques, including forensic analysis.

More than 200 companies and 2,500 users have relied upon Construction Science for Primavera training. You can view a partial list of our P6 training clients here.


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Construction Science is a proud member of The ICS League, an affiliation of independent scheduling services providers. Click here for more information regarding The International Center for Scheduling.

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